Carte Blanche 18 november 2016

1e uur:

Kings Of Leon – Find Me
The Griswolds feat. Lizzo – YDLM (RS)
Blaudzun – Everything Stops
Classic: Dave Matthews Band – Crush (Edit)
Dagny – Backbeat (2016 Version) (RS)
Royal Republic – Kung Fu Lovin’
Liv – Wings Of Love (RS)
Remschijf: The 1975 – She’s American (RS)
Honne – Good Together (Radio Edit)
Artificial Pleasure – I’ll Make It Worth Your While
Lossy – You Who’s Guiding Me
À la Carte: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Go Robot (RS) (keuze van Maarten Verkade)
Dan San – Ocean
Pussy Riot – Make America Great Again
M83 – Road Blaster

2e uur:

Sunset Sons – VROL (Radio Mix)
Milly Pye – Too Many People
Shinedown – How Did You Love
Classic: Julian Lennon – Now You’re In Heaven
La Oreja De Van Gogh – Pálida Luna (*)
Puggy – Soul
Harlea – Miss Me
Felin – Bored
Remschijf: The 1975 – She’s American (RS)
The xx – On Hold
Don Broco – Everybody (RS)
Sigma feat. Birdy – Find Me (Radio Edit)
À la Carte: Imagine Dragons – Shots (keuze van Maarten Verkade)
Escondido – Heart Is Black
Robbie Williams – Heavy Entertainment Show (*) (RS)
Fripps & Fripps – Get Your End Wet (Werner Edit) (RS)

(RS) = ex-Remschijf
(*) = albumtrack/gratis download

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